About Us

The Music Festival of Panama is a project created by various Panamanian musicians, for the purpose of bringing together national and International musicians in a great cultural and artistic exchange, through diverse activities that enrich their musical passion and expertise.

The intention of the Alfredo Saint-Malo Music Festival of Panama is to prepare Panamanian artists in the world of classical music by promoting the art of music education, improving the tactics of teaching and creating musicians at the highest level.

The Festival activities are abundant and reach far into the community. They include public concerts, lectures, workshops, and master classes seeking to improve the quality of music performance taught by foreign musicians.

Likewise, the Festival will provide the opportunity for the greater public to appreciate classical music, especially to those that have not had the opportunity to attend and listen to a live concert or recital. This will contribute to the cultural enrichment and education of Panama. Through the Music Festival of Panama, the Panamanian public will greatly benefit with the diverse artistic demonstrations that will be offered. The founders’ hope is to build a new energy and enthusiasm within the Panamanian community. Within the general public, there will be a greater demand for quality and diverse music. And within the student population, there will be a greater demand for opportunities for learning, performing and enriching their local communities.

The Festival is an opportunity for Panama and Panamanians. Panama will gain goodwill exposure to music lovers around the world. Panamanians with a passion and love for music will be able to interact with foreign music professionals. Also, local musicians will be able to perform publicly and expand their own musical careers.

Throughout Latin America and other parts of the world, musicians are provided with local support and professional education to develop their talent and passion. We hope this Festival will ignite the same for our fellow Panamanian students, musicians and the music community.